Aug 4, 2021

CONFIRMED | Judge Who Sealed CR17 Bank Statements Failed To Make A Cut For Five Vacant SCA Posts

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In response, Mr Ledwaba said there was an issue whether the financial records should remain sealed from the public or not.

FILE PHOTO: Judge Ledwaba became a Judge in 2005,and he was appointed to the position of Deputy Judge President in 2013. PICTURE: @OCJ_RSA

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JOHANNESBURG: The Justice Service Commission has recommended the three female and two male candidates for the SCA positions.

Notably, was the North Gauteng deputy judge president Mr Aubrey Ledwaba – who on Wednesday – faced tough questions over the sealing of the CR17 bank statements in his interview for the Supreme Court of Appeal.

The first question came from EFF leader, Mr Julius Malema who asked Mr Ledwaba about the court procedure to seal the financial records of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s 2017 ANC president campaign. The EFF leader is part of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) panel interviewing judges for the SCA.

He argued that the judge agreed to keep the documents from the public eye without first hearing the application from parties involved in the matter.

“Are you not supposed to make an application for such documents to be sealed so that when there is a counter [argument] it can also be made in a public court to argue why those documents should not be sealed?” Mr Malema said.

In response, Mr Ledwaba said there was an issue whether the financial records should remain sealed from the public or not. He said the documents were sealed due to a management meeting.

“I called the parties to understand exactly what the issue is. And the issue was those documents should remain sealed and I told the parties since the documents are sealed, there an issue relating to the documents [and] I’ll facilitate that this matter should go to court so that the court should make a ruling,” Mr Ledwaba said.

“It was a management meeting before me, it was not a court order that I made. It was just a direction that I gave that this is how the matter should proceed so that the court can hear the matter to get the version of all the parties. The allegation that there were interests of other parties who were involved, those parties were not before me so that they could also get an opportunity to put their version before the court,” Mr Ledwaba added.

The JSC has since picked the following five candidates on the Supreme Court of Appeal Bench.

Judge Zeenat Carelse, Judge Trevor Gorven, Judge Wendy Hughes, Judge Nolwazi Mabindla-Boqwana and Judge Selewe Mothle have been selected as the candidates to which the JSC will refer to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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