Sep 25, 2022

EFF To Take NPA To High Court For No ‘Accountability’ In The Marikana Massacre

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The call for justice has been exacerbated, after nine years of no accountability for the Marikana Massacre that took place in August 2012.

FILE PHOTO: Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has vow to prosecute Cyril Ramaphosa. PICTURE: EFF/Facebook

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JOHANNESBURG: EFF gives NPA an ultimatum to issue a non-prosecuting letter or allow private prosecution.

The call for justice has been exacerbated, after nine years of no accountability for the Marikana Massacre that took place in August 2012. In commemorating this sorrowful event Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are prepared to take the National Prosecution Authorities (NPA) to the High Court in demand of justice for families and survivors of Marikana mineworkers mass killing.

Yesterday 16 August 2021 the incident marked almost a decade since South Africa experienced the killing of 34 mineworkers by South African Police Services (SAPS) on a wage strike.

As it stands the incident has been compared to the 1960 Sharpville massacre and was the most lethal use of force by police officers against civilians since June 1976.

The police killed 34 mineworkers, and left 78 seriously injured following the open fire assault, 250 of the miners were arrested at the Lonmin Platinum Mine wild strike in Marikana North West province.

Over the years questions of ‘who needs to account for this incident’ were raised, unfortunately, citizens and opposition parties of the governing party feel nothing has been done to compensate survivors and ensure justice has been served.

Speaking with the public broadcaster, EFF Commander-in-Chief, Mr Julius ‘Sello’ Malema has given the NPA an ultimatum to prosecute President Cyril Ramaphosa and co-accused for their alleged involvement in the matter or allow private prosecution.

“We call on the NPA to prosecute [Mr] Ramaphosa and if they are not going to prosecute him, they must issue a non-prosecuting letter as the EFF we want to prosecute Ramaphosa through private prosecution and we are making this call now and we commit to giving progress we have made in the 10th anniversary of the EFF.

It’s 9 years since we have opened the case, I opened the case myself at Marikana police station and nobody has ever come to me. No prosecutor has ever contacted me. Which is very clear that they are covering up for each other,” said Mr Malema in the interview.

As the Marikana Commission of Inquiry was set up to investigate the massacre of miners, the commission’s first seating was on 1 October 2012, its final sitting was on 14 November 2014, and its report was submitted by then-President Jacob Zuma on 31 March 2015.

The report absolved the key political figures who were accused of having a hand in the events leading to the massacre, including State President Cyril Ramaphosa who at the time of the massacre was a non-executive director at Lonmin, former Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, former Mineral Resource Minister Susan Shabangu and the National Police Commissioner Riya Phiyega.

After the report findings by the Marikana Commission of Inquiry, Mr Malema led his party to the Marikana police station and mentioned Cyril Ramaphosa, Susan Shabangu, Nathi Mthethwa as suspects who might have participated in the loss of mineworkers lives.

“Till to date, they’ve not been questioned they’ve not been arrested, some of them are still ministers and what makes the matter worse is one of these suspects occupying the highest office in SA.

We challenge the NPA to issue a prosecution letter, if they don’t do that we are taking them to the high court so that they either prosecute or allow us to pursue a private prosecution.

“It is a waste of time when leaders speak in mixed tongues and we don’t understand what they are saying, these people have run away with murder that’s why they are awarded with positions because when we speak our people don’t understand what we talking about,” said Mr Malema on the interview.

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