May 14, 2021

History Of Africa Through Western Eyes

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According to the Roman system, whenever a person captured the people in the land, he could name that land after himself.

FILE PHOTO: In this web of information, gullibility and ignorance are the names of the game. Financial Times

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Propaganda, what an intelligent and premeditated tool that has been used over centuries to give biased information that is used in a way that it misinforms and misleads the targeted audience.

This may be regarding a party, organization, movement, or nation. In a world of propagandists, deception is the only weight that is guaranteed to drown a person when they try to reach for the truth and light at the shore.

In this web of information, gullibility and ignorance are the names of the game. There is so much that can be covered regarding the impact that propaganda has on our modern society but for now, the focus is on the propaganda in Africa.

Let us begin with the name “Africa” itself. Now, for the sake of clarity, I will provide a brief background of how the land was named in ancient times. According to the Roman system, whenever a person captured the people in the land, he could name that land after himself.

In the Motherland’s case, who was it named after? Yes, you guessed it, its captor, Scipio Africanus, a man who conquered the people who lived on this continent prior to the invasion of those from outside Africa.

According to research conducted by a prestigious historian, Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan, the original name of Africa is “Alkebulan”, as a matter of fact, the whole African continent was also called “Ethiopia” and what we know today as the Atlantic ocean was called the “Ethiopian sea”.

From this, one can gather that there were several different names for Africa, which was initially ascribed by many different tribes (it was not a monolithic society as we know it today).

From the Ashanti people in Ghana to the Yoruba people in Nigeria, Alkebulan had so many powerful dynasties roaming the land, so innumerable that they could not all be named.

All of this precious information from hundreds and thousands of years ago is still in museums and historic places outside of Africa (such as the Vatican) while all we are given in return is knowledge from approximately six thousand years ago, anything that we try to find beyond that era is called “myth” or “mystery”.

That, dear reader, is what is called information control”, a form of propaganda. Have you ever wondered why this continent has been depicted to be so poverty-stricken when in fact, it is the wealthiest out of the seven?

It is due to the power that media has to not only influence but change people’s paradigm. That presented question also shows us what power one possesses when they have true knowledge of who they are and where they come from without any misguidance or deception.

But the latter happens when the same information that is supposed to build empires in the land is demonized when land is made to believe that it does nothing but give birth to sicknesses and diseases. When the children are taught from tender ages that being African is something to be frowned upon.

The “divide and conquer” strategy has worked so well that what was premeditated generations ago is still in full effect today. The mere fact that as a continent, we still have different countries that were created by non-Africans is still startling to me.

Need I mention how many African issues are being solved by non-Africans today?. What happened to our unity and togetherness? An African needs a passport and sometimes a Visa to visit an African country. An African is annually given 90 days of staying in an African country.

An African needs a certain amount of money to visit an African country. An African needs a study permit to study in Africa. An African needs residential permit or asylum to stay in Africa. We speak non-African languages more than our mother tongues.

It’s true what Joyce Meyer said when she said that “the mind is a battlefield.” Mind control is yet another battle that we need to win. The ironic thing is how much freedom we celebrate and esteem as a continent when we are still slaves, only this time it is not physical, but mental and everything starts in one’s mind.

Until I see an independent Africa, a United Africa, an Africa with one currency and one vision, I will still say: “cry beloved Africa, lament and maybe the prayer we make in our South African national anthem will be heard by all of Heaven.”

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  1. What an insightful article, really gives one a lot to think about.
    Thank you for this Tshepang, your article is well written, you have done your research and have truly left us readers Mesmerised. A United Africa is definitely something that we need, and must start working towards having it!

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