Sep 30, 2022

Mabasa Secure Muvhango’s KK Lawyer’s Role

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Mabasa appeared on SABC 1′ s most watched Television shows Generations the Legacy and Skeem Saam as a delivery guy.

FILE PHOTO: Mabasa (33) will play a role at Muvhango as Rudolph KK's lawyer. PICTURE: Supplied

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Amukelani Calvin Mabasa Mphata, born and raised at Ntlhaveni in Limpopo. Mabasa is an actor, voice imitator artist, musician, voice-over artist and author.

The multti-talented Mabasa has encouraged and proved to the upcoming actors that it is possible to secure a role on TV only if you are passionate about your career.

Mabasa appeared on SABC 1’s most-watched television shows Generations: The Legacy and Skeem Saam as a delivery guy. He was also a police officer on eTV’s Isipho – The Gift and he also played on Giyani Land of Blood as a journalist that uncovered corruption.

He has continued to play other roles including a leading role in a new drama called MINKOKA MI Mbirhi by Fumani Shilubani Vukosi at Giyani Land of Blood and Fana Xitshembiso Mabasa as son of Mr Guyu Johnny in Giyani Land of Blood.

Jedi Mulovedzi announced that Mabasa will play a role at Muvhango as Rudolph KK’s lawyer (MacDonald Ndou).

“We have been trying to get a well-spoken Venda guy for weeks now, fortunately, Calvin Mabasa was the one and he speaks Venda fluently and he is going to be KK’s lawyer as Advocate Rudolph at Muvhango for good,” he said.

“We are very impressed with his acting skills and potential in him, therefore we congratulate Mr Mabasa Calvin for his great achievement in his acting career,” said Mulovedzi.

Mabasa said he discovered his talent at an early age, he was encouraged by his late father and his twin brother at home.

“I have discovered my talent of voice Impersonator/Imitator at the age of 12 when I was still in Primary school, I always used to imitate my friends and some people in my community even my teachers,” the elated Mabasa said.

Mabasa’s talents are not only found on screen but he is also a musician that has released songs.

“In the year 2005, I did my single track titled: Best Friend Genre R&B. Since I grew up in the family of many talents my late father and his twin brother, Leonard had a studio at home so every time I used to back up then when they recorded their gospel music because my voice can do anything,” said Mabasa.

Speaking to the Republic Mail, Mabasa said his journey in the media industry was not easy since he had to ask people for money when it comes to transport fee.

Mabasa has been trying within all his powers to get to the top, and also created a youtube channel and started doing his imitation videos where they started trending and got lot of bookings in different gigs and weddings.

“Since I believe in my talent and hard work. Since I have faith talent and I’m a go-getter I didn’t allow obstacles to stop me. The journey was not smooth as we think but it finally pays off due to my dedications,” he added.

Mabasa encourages upcoming comedians, actors and musicians not to lose hope in their talent.

“Do not lose hope and always work very hard towards your success and be passionate, dedicate yourselves. Moreover, you should always humble yourselves at all times and believe in God, you don’t have to look down upon others and yourselves,” warned Mabasa.

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