Sep 25, 2022

Mokgoro’s Link To Supra Mahumapelo Cost Him His Job – Sources

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Mr Maape’s deployment followed the interviews of three candidates whom the IPC recommended to the national structures.

FILE PHOTO: Outgoing North West Premier, Prof Job Mokgoro shaking hands with his predecessor, Mr Supra Mahumapelo at the Provincial Legislature, 22 June 2018. PICTURE: North West Government/Twitter

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NORTH WEST: Mr Mokgoro is currently facing disciplinary charges in the ANC after voting with the opposition in the provincial legislature.

After his slate lost in 2017 and the other emerged, former North West premier, Mr Supra Mahumapelo fall on his sword following a widespread protest in the province calling him to step down.

This was then followed by a tumultuous nomination process just about sums the entire situation in the province’s government. If the party had not decided by Friday, 08 June 2018, there would have been a dissolution of local Parliament – it was said, forcing early elections but the African National Congress (ANC) moved swiftly to replace beleaguered premier, Mr Mahumapelo.

This, however, prompted that a compromise is reached between national branches of the ANC, trade unions and those who still give their backing to Mr Mahumapelo. As a result, the ANC announced after confirming on Thursday, 07 June 2018, morning press conference, that Mr Job Mokgoro will be the new premier.

During the conference, now-suspended ANC Secretary-General, Mr Ace Magashule confirmed that Mr Mahumapelo is expected to resign from his position as an ordinary member of the North West legislature. This, he said, was to make a way for then-premier-elect Mr Mokgoro.

Mr Mokgoro, now 73, had previously served as director-general in the province and head of the National School of Government. Yesterday, Mr Mokgoro has been replaced by another ANC veteran and Robin Island prisoner, Mr Bushy Maape, currently 64.

Mr Maape replaced Mr Mokgoro after the Interim Provincial Committee (IPC) lost faith in the incumbent. Mr Maape’s deployment followed the interviews of three candidates whom the IPC recommended to the national structures.

Mr Mokgoro, who is currently facing disciplinary charges in the ANC after voting with the opposition in the provincial legislature, is expected to resign. It is also been reported that he is not picking any calls and his whereabouts is unknown. Despite all of this, the IPC expects Mr Mokgoro to resign.

“What we now expect is that we have to receive his resignation via the office of the speaker of the legislature,” said Mr Chauke.

FILE PHOTO: North West ANC IPC coordinator, Mr Hlomani Chauke says they welcome the national working committee’s decision to choose veteran, Bushy Maape as the province’s premier-elect. PICTURE: ANCNW IPC/Twitter

According to our sources, “Job was initially appointed to stabilize the province. He was premier, but the office of the premier (staff) was loyal to Supra.”

“Job failed to transform the factional dynamics within the office and in certain spaces within the organization, and was ultimately recruited to the Supra side,” the source said.

Another source, who wanted to remain anonymous said, “that man (meaning Mr Mokgoro) has always been Supra’s man from when he was appointed, remember that he was director-general in his office.

“He was appointed to advance the interest of Supra and asked to lay low until now the IPC realised that they made a mistake,” said the other source.

Meanwhile, Mr Hlomuka Chauke, the Coordinator of the IPC on Tuesday during the press conference said, the party must not shy away from admitting when it made wrong deployments.

“Because sometimes, we make wrong deployments and we believe that and when we have realised that we have made wrong deployments, the ANC must not shy away and they must remove that person,” said Mr Chauke.

The IPC claims that after he was appointed Mr Mokgoro has kept them in the dark on key developments in the province and refuses to take instruction.

“So after being recruited to the faction, Job essentially maintained the interests of the Supra faction. Hence he’s getting the boot,” added the source.

“The guy organizing demonstrations, James Gadinabokao, is an ally of Supra. He’s in SANCO and he’s also a tenderpreneur. Is a beneficiary of Supra’s administration,” concluded the source.

Mr Mokgoro’s resignation letter will pave a way for Mr Maape to be sworn in before the end of the week.

Attempt to reach Mr Mahumapelo were unsuccessful.

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