Sep 30, 2022

Moodley: The Diversity Advocate On A Mission

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She takes pride in having driven change across corporates by utilising her vast global skills for organisational optimisation.

FILE PHOTO: Kovini grew up in a little town south of Durban in KZN and as a young change maker had always felt a deep desire to impact and contribute to causes larger than herself. PICTURE: Supplied

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Kovini Moodley is a feminist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, chartered accountant and Diversity Advocate. 

Growing up in Durban, Moodley always developed a passion for participating in various community-driven projects, something she says gave her a deep sense of fulfilment. 

“I remember being so proud of the nurturing community that I grew up in,” says Moodley.

As a chartered accountant, her career includes working for three JSE-listed corporate organisations. She takes pride in having driven change across corporates by utilising her vast global skills for organisational optimisation.


Boss Babes of South Africa (BBSA) is a digital empowerment platform aimed at celebrating women.

Moodley founded BBSA on the backdrop of disappointment and backstabbing and created a platform for sisterhood and a support group.

Based in Sandton, BBSA is an all-female run digital empowerment platform, where women who are passionate about uplifting and empowering others meet. They inspire each other through powerful content across their various digital platforms.

“Sometimes we live in a world where women have been conditioned that there is only one space for a woman to be successful within a particular industry or niche,” Moodley told Radio Veritas.

“That sometimes leads to a lot of undesirable behaviour. We were taught to tear each other down instead of uplifting and motivating each other. We should pick someone up, which I think the world ideally should work.

“I went through quite disempowering experiences. After those episodes, it led to me sitting down and reflecting, ‘why would these kinds of incidents happen? What was driving this kind of behaviour where one feels it’s ok to bring negativity and jealousy?

“So it was after these incidents that I decided that I can let this define me or actually turn it into something powerful, I chose to turn it into something powerful. Boss Babes of South Africa is a positively powerful support base,” she said.  

Through BBSA, the ladies celebrate powerful, authentic and multifaceted women and embrace diversity and inclusion. They help each other believe that women can excel at anything that they choose to put their minds to.

Their community is filled with brilliant minds (doctors, lawyers, pilots, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and a host of specialists across a host of diverse industries) who are committed and obsessed with empowering and inspiring other women.

Moodley continues, “I have survived numerous, toxic, disempowering episodes of discrimination, bullying and misogynoir which lead me to reflect and create this platform, a platform where all voices can be heard and where personal pain and stories of resilience, can be leveraged to inspire other women.”

Inspirational, relatable and candid content is offered through BBSA digital platforms where skills are also shared. Interviews with powerful women provide inspiration in what makes BBSA proud of its perfect story of turning pain into power.

More than 20,000 women have signed up for this initiative and the numbers continue growing daily.

“There is immense bravery in speaking out and speaking your truth in a way that creates awareness and power,” said Moodley.

“Women, especially women of colour, need to be reminded of their self-worth and not be diminished by the worthless opinions of others. Women of colour face numerous challenges and barriers such as micro-aggressions and tone policing on a daily basis and the time has come to break the stereotypes and dismantle the preconceived notions that support these systems,” she added.

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