Aug 17, 2022

Russian Plane Crashes, No Survivors Onboard

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Local aviation authorities states that they found the crash site near the town of patana.

FILE PHOTO: The wreckage of the jet at the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow on Monday. PICTURE: Moscow News Agency, via EPA

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PENINSULA: Two passengers were children under the age of 12.

A plane that was carrying 28 people has crashed in Russia, Kamchatka Peninsula. The rescue team has confirmed that there are no survivors on board. Local aviation authorities states that they found the crash site near the town of Palana.

“Today a plane following the route from petropavlovsk, kamchatsky to patana crashed. This tragedy has said to have occurred during landing presumably the plane was making a second approach and visibility was poor.

“The wreckage was reportedly found 5km North of Palana. The rescue team are moving to the crash site to confirm that this is the plane they are looking for after that it’ll be positive to draw definite conclusions about today’s tragedy to Kamchatka,” said Vladimir Solodov, the governor of Kamchatka

The an-26 lost contact with the air radar shortly before it was due to land according to local transport municipality the plan also disappeared from radar.

It has been said that the town mayor of patana was among those who were involved in the deadly crash. Two passengers were children under the age of 12, Alexander Zabolichenko, deputy chairman of the Kamchatka government, said.

According to Russia’s aviation agency, wreckage from the aircraft was discovered about 2 to 3 miles from the airport runway in Palana, located in Kamchatka’s north. Local outlets initially reported the plane was thought to have crashed into the sea.

“Wreckage was found near the hills on the coastline,” a spokesperson for Rosaviation told CNN.

Citing several unnamed sources, Russian state-run media outlet TASS reported that the plane slammed into a cliff as it prepared to land in poor conditions. The weather was cloudy and foggy at the time of the crash, which ultimately may have triggered a piloting error or poor visibility, according to the outlet.

“If violations are detected, prosecutorial response measures will be taken,” the Kamchatka transport prosecutor’s office told TASS.

The incident remains under investigation.

Additional reporting by New York Daily News and TASS

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