Aug 17, 2022
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Self-taught Thato Masinga (25), born and bred in Soshanguve known as Tattoo ZeroOneTwo.

Starting to show interest in music at the age of 10 when he was doing grade 4. Who has recently released a single titled AMAPANTSULA, which was inspired by the Kwaito group from 90’s.

Tattoo ZeroOneTwo said he started to show interest in music through lyrics book.

“I started showing interest in music through lyrics book which my classmates and I had in grade 4. My classmates encouraged me to focus on music after singing a song of Mario (Sexy Love) which have impressed them and make them realise that I can make it in music,” he said.

He encourages upcoming artists to focus on what they want because it is all about having passion.

“To me, it started with a dream, passion and the drive. Do not forget that the plan is to take over, not everybody can make it but you can, believe it,” said Tattoo ZeroOneTwo.

FILE PHOTO: Tattoo ZeroOneTwo performing at his local township, he believes the neighbourhood is not supportive of his career choice. PICTURE: Supplied

Despite his talent and drive, Tattoo ZeroOneTwo believes that it is challenging to be a musician when coming from a neighbourhood of people who are not supportive.

“I had been sidelined, robbed, mocked, and I have performed on sabotaged slots where I had to pay for almost everything. People listen to my music and say “I’m too much, I’m too mainstream” for the upcoming artists,” he recalls.

“Some of the people do not believe in the dreams, it is hard coming from a neighbourhood people who are stuck with the thought that nobody will make it out there,” he laments.

The plans of the Soshanguve-based artist is to become the biggest musician to ever come out of Soshanguve street and sell out Arenas.

“It is never too late,” he added.

For updates and more information follow him on social media platforms:

Facebook: Tatto ZeroOneTwo

Twitter: @TattooZeroOne2

Instagram @tattoozeroonetwo

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