Sep 25, 2022

Trump Arrives In New York For A Deposition, Repeatedly Pleads The Fifth In Court

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Trump was spotted in New York City on Wednesday to be deposed by a judge in Federal Court.

FILE PHOTO: Donald Trump arrives in New York City. PICTURE: AP

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NEW YORK: It’s been quite the rough week for Donald Trump and all Republicans.

It’s been quite the rough week not only for Donald Trump but for the entire GOP, as their biggest hope to win back the presidency is finally under investigation for possible federal crimes he committed.

Initially, there was a lot of confusion as to why the FBI agents searched the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump himself was the one who alerted all the media about an alleged raid but the agents who conducted the search had warrants from the highest levels of government. If the FBI was searching the home of a former president, they certainly had a good reason to do so.

But it didn’t end there, Trump was spotted in New York City on Wednesday to be deposed by a judge in Federal Court.

Why did the FBI search Trump’s home?

With the details finally clarified, we now know that the former president stole official classified documents from the White House on the day he left. The FBI agent who led the search was actually appointed by Trump himself, meaning that he knew exactly where to look and the importance of these documents.

There is still a lot that the Government is not telling the general public because this remains an ongoing investigation. The former president arrived in New York City on Wednesday for his deposition and entered the Federal Court with a serious face. He was about to do something that was expected from him in this situation.

Reports from various news organizations that are on the ground in New York City are reporting that during his deposition, Donald Trump invoked his fifth amendment rights.

The judge who deposed him asked questions directly linked to the Trump Organization’s finances. Trump knows perfectly that anything he says will be used against him in a court of law, which is why he decided to plead the fifth.

No questions were answered by the former president, who is now being treated as a criminal. If the United States Government is truly looking to get him in jail, they need to hurry before he can run for president.

Because if he wins the presidency again, there is no way a sitting president can be sentenced to jail, regardless of his crimes.

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