Sep 25, 2022

WATCH: Anti-vaccine Protests In Fourways And Cape Town

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Some placards were saying the vaccine hasn’t been tested and that it was an experiment.

FILE PHOTO: A man carrying two placards during the Anti-vaccine protest in Fourways. PICTURE: @VuyieM4love/ Twitter

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CAPE TOWN: Fourways and Cape Town residents took to the streets to protest against the vaccine.

On Saturday there were videos on social media of groups of South Africans who were protesting against vaccines and the wearing of masks in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

There was a group spotted in Fourways with placards that were reportedly saying the COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed the economy and that the death rate was only 0.05%.

Some placards were saying the vaccine hasn’t been tested and that it was an experiment.

They said that they have the right to choose if they want to take the vaccine or not with being pressured by the government. According to the protesters, lack of confidence in the vaccine they believe they are other methods to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The protesters had no masks on and they said that they don’t believe the Covid 19 statistics provided by the government.

Catherine Raphaely, one of the protesters said, “our tests figures are wrong. We have a huge amount of people with TB in this country. 150 people were dying of TB everyday before the pandemic hit. Nobody started wearing masks because of that. The testing protocol is not accurate.”

The Department of Health spokesperson, Mark van der Heever said that the BSR tests are considered golden standard internationally, which is why our country and our province make use of it to detect Covid 19 positive cases.

The protesters say that this is a worldwide demonstration. They are fighting for their freedom. They don’t want to be subjected to curfews and they don’t want forced vaccines to enter into public spaces.

The protesters are urging the government to find new ways to curb the spread of the covid 19 pandemic. They want new solutions.

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