Jul 27, 2021

ANC Special NEC Rejects Request To Form A Zuma Task Team

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It is also believed that the meeting was attended by former president, Mr Thabo Mbeki but he did not speak.

FILE PHOTO: A group of other supporters arrived in two mini-buses waving flags of the ANC, and wearing white T-shirts with the inscription 'wenzeni uZuma', Zulu for "What has Zuma done?" PICTURE: EMMANUEL CROSET/AFP

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JOHANNESBURG: ANC Special NEC has outright rejected a proposed task team on former South Africa president, Mr Jacob Zuma’s legal matters.

South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress’ special national executive committee (NEC) meeting has rejected a proposal for the establishment of a special task team on Mr Zuma’s legal matters.

According to Timeslive, the idea was sponsored by supporters of Mr Zuma.

“It was roundly rejected,” said an NEC member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the website said.

The proposal was apparently made after the KwaZulu-Natal ANC’s provincial leadership tabled a report in which they called for the reinforcement of NEC deployees to the province.

“They mentioned a lot of things happening in the province, including how there is this group of military veterans that has been disruptive and shutting down highways, among other things.

“They also spoke about the influx of foreign nationals from Eswatini due to the turmoil in that country and they were saying because so much was happening in the province, they needed more NEC deployees to calm the situation,” said the source.

It was seemingly in response to this proposal that Mr Zuma’s supporters called on the party to establish a task team to deal with issues around the former president.

However, it was not clear when they were questioned what, exactly, would the task team do, according to the source.

“They were told the [Mr] Zuma matter is in court,” said the source.

According to the website news, the sources said, “There was some silly proposal that there be a task team set up that will deal with [Mr] Zuma and all of the shenanigans, but people questioned why we need a task team, that you don’t need a task team.”

“All you need is the NEC deployees to be reinforced in KZN. We said Nkandla is not the only problem that we have in the country or the province,” the source said.

“There was really no substance to [the] proposal. That proposal was shut down; it didn’t even gain momentum.

“There was also some flirtation to say that because [Mr] Zuma is old and that the sentence is harsh but that was turned down.”

ANC NEC member, Mr Joel Netshitenzhe allegedly suggested that they should not discuss details of Mr Zuma case at the start of the meeting.

“He said we cannot go into the nitty-gritties of the case because we are not lawyers and that there is a court process. Ours as the organisation is to reaffirm our support for the rule of law and all the institutions of the country. We must not try to turn an NEC meeting into a hearing or a trial,” Mr Netshitenzhe reportedly told the meeting.

The source said this was the response given to anyone who tried to venture into the law. It is also believed that the meeting was attended by former president, Mr Thabo Mbeki but he did not speak.

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