Dec 2, 2021

Important Update On The Euphonik And DJ Fresh Rape Case

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The popular club DJs released a statement on Monday after the Chief Prosecutor dismissed the allegations as they were without “merit”.

FILE PHOTO: DJ Fresh along with his long time friend, Euphonik enjoying with party goers in 2019. PICTURE: Facebook: DJ Euphonik

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JOHANNESBURG: The docket has been marked ‘nolle prosequi’ according to the DJs.

In a joint statement issued by DJ Fresh (Thato Sikwane) and Euphonik (Themba Nkosi) said the rape allegations levelled against them has been dismissed.

Both DJs were accused by a woman on Twitter, alleging that they dragged and raped her in 2011. The radio hosts were then suspended from their duties with their employer indicating that they have “reached a mutual decision” to step down from their roles at 94.7 due to the allegations.

The company, Primedia Broadcasting, which owns a number of premier radio stations in Johannesburg, further issued another statement indicating permanent termination of their contract after they could not “find common ground with the company”.

The popular club DJs released a statement on Monday after the Chief Prosecutor dismissed the allegations as they were without “merit”.

“We are pleased to state that, after considering all of the evidence collected while investigating the claim made by Ms Madikizela against us, the Chief Prosecutor has dismissed the allegations on the basis that the allegations are without merit. The docket has been marked NOLLE PROSEQUI.

Rape remains one of the country’s major concern with South Africa Police Service reporting that the rape rate remained at 72.1%.

The police recorded 42,289 rapes in 2019/20, up from 41,583 in 2018/19. This means the police recorded an average of 116 rapes each day.

“Sexual offences” is a broad category of crime that includes rape, compelled rape, sexual assault, incest, bestiality, statutory rape and the sexual grooming of children, has also been increased to 53,293 in 2019/20 from 52,420 in 2018/19.

Most of these cases reported, according to the South African Police Service, are of rape. The rate of sexual offences decreased slightly from 90.9 per 100,000 in 2018/19 to 90.8 in 2019/20.

False rape allegations are increasingly rising in South Africa where young women continue to lure rich men into sleeping with them and later accused them of rape. Despite that, there is little evidence or statistics provided to prove such claims of false rape or complaints.

Speaking to a Johannesburg-based radio station, an Associate Professor Of Law at Wits University, Prof Bonnita Meyersfield, said “There’s been some really interesting research done recently on this notion of a false complainant.”

“There is about 5% of rape complaints and sexual assault complaints that constitute false complaint,” she said.

Meanwhile, the DJs said they are concern about a serious issue of GBV which the leader of the country, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa declared it as a ‘pandemic’ was weaponised in a different fashion.

“As we’ve said before, these are false allegations and we are deeply saddened that GBV, a serious crisis in South Africa, was weaponised in this manner,” they said.

DJ Fresh joined 94.7 in July 2019 after being fired at country’s most listened commercial radio station, Metro FM for using the word “m*****y” on air.

The word was red-flagged by South Africa’s independent judicial tribunal on Broadcasting Code, BCCSA.

“The biggest irony of everything here is that I was fired for using a word that didn’t exist,” DJ Fresh said at the time.

He was the host of the station’s drivetime show ever since he joined in 2019. Euphonik joined the station back in 2016. Both DJs have since thanked their supporters, friends and family.

“A huge thank you to all of our family, friends, supporters and to our legal team,” the statement reads.

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