Sep 30, 2022

The Spirit of Rugby

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This is synonymous with the desire, pride and fellowship that we see every matchday out on the rugby field.

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This year’s edition of the British and Irish Lions Tour has been teeming with action and suspense on and off the field.

As with previous editions of the tour, there is a lot of fanfare, anticipation and excitement associated with the tour. The fact that rugby is one of the biggest sports in the country means there’s a lot of eyes and ears from people who follow the game religiously and not only view it as a pastime but as an essential part of their lives.

The sport of rugby is as eventful and dramatic as the passion and love supporters of the game have for it. For a brand such as The Famous Grouse, partnering their brand with a sport known for fans who usually wear their hearts on their sleeves is a move to showcase itself as a brand that embodies and celebrates the spirit of the game in two ways.

Firstly, the commitment of the brand in delivering excellence and quality in a glass directly aligns with the two foremost traits any rugby fan appreciates mostly in the team they support. Secondly, it’s the knowledge that you get back what you put it in that drives the business of spirit making, and it’s the same with the game of rugby.

The Famous Grouse’s campaign for this year’s tournament is the Spirit of rugby – this speaks to the literal fact that they are the spirit partner of the tour, but not only that, the brand espouses the spirit of rugby that lives within every fan who follows the game regardless of whether they can view it with thousands of fans at the stadium or alone at home as this year’s conditions have necessitated.

Jamie Bishop, Area Director at Edrington Africa (The Famous Grouses’ parent company), speaks to what inspired the brand to get involved with the great game of rugby.

“The Famous Grouse has more than 30 years of heritage with the sport of rugby, sharing many similarities with the sport such as skill, craft and an unwavering dedication to be the best of the best. We celebrate such common values through such partnerships.”

As good as the performances from the teams have been on the field in this year’s British & Irish Lions Tour, the fact that the games have had to be played in empty stadiums means lovers, and supporters of the game must showcase their support in a different way.

The spirit of the game had to be felt this year and not seen, and as a brand, The Famous Grouse understands this because they know that joy and pain are two sides of the same coin, both powered by the togetherness of the fans of the game.

“We’re excited for what continues to be an incredible series for the players and fans alike. We also recognise how important the tour is to players and fans alike. It’s an epic moment in the rugby calendar and this is poised to be an unforgettable series,” says Bishop. 

With only two test matches remaining, the call for all of us to live and breathe the spirit of rugby through our love and support of the game and each other has never been more pertinent and timelier.

“As a brand, we recognise the value of team spirit and the level of determination required to be the best. This is synonymous with the desire, pride and fellowship that we see every matchday out on the rugby field.

“These moments will ring true with the down-to-earth character of The Famous Grouse. The Spirit of Rugby heroes the candid moments of genuine friendship, affinity, and fellowship that is seen throughout rugby,” concludes Bishop.

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