Dec 2, 2021

Zuma Can’t Lose Former President Benefits – Legal Expert

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JOHANNESBURG: The State Capture Commission says Mr Zuma considers himself above the law and Constitution.

Former president of South African, Mr Jacob Zuma is refusing to appear before the Zondo Commission saying he is not afraid of going to prison, citing unfair treatment.

On Monday, Mr Zuma, through his foundation, issued a statement lamenting unfairness of the Commission towards him and vowed not to corporate with the Commission as well as not abiding by the Constitutional Court Order.

The commission has since responded to Mr Zuma, accusing him of thinking he’s above the law and Constitution.

It says Mr Zuma continues to enjoy the benefits accorded to former Presidents while defying the law and constitution of the country he once led. The perks Zuma receives as a former president are protected by the Constitution.

The only other option would be to revise, legislatively, the benefits that former presidents get said De Vos

There have been calls for those benefits to be revoked. Constitutional Law expert, Pierre De Vos explained as to why this is not possible.

“The former president Jacob Zuma is no longer a sitting president, so he cannot be impeached. The only other option would be to revise, legislatively, the benefits that former presidents get,” he said.

The State Capture Commission will lay a criminal complaint against Mr Zuma for not appearing on 18 January. It is also warning him to appear on 15 February or face further action.

Mr Zuma has repeatedly tried to evade the appearance before the Commission and his attempts have failed. While citing unfair treatment, Mr Zuma compared himself to PAC leader, Mr Robert Sobukwe. He further accused the government of behaving like the apartheid regime.

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