Aug 17, 2022

Police Officer Sentenced To 15 Years For Murder

FILE PHOTO: A police officer has been sentenced to imprisonment for murder. PICTURE: SAPS/Twitter

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PONGOLA: A former policeman in Pongola, the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal, has been sentenced to 15 years direct imprisonment.

The police was arrested in 2019 after an investigation by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID). IPID found that the police officer was on 01 December 2018 on his way home in a state vehicle seated in the bin, as they off ramped from the N2 freeway, there was a vehicle parked on the road which was obstructing them to freely pass.

Before Sithole was shot by Donda, he was standing next to that vehicle, an argument ensued and they got into a brawl which led to the deceased delivering a blow to the accused and he fell off his back.

After realising that he is not winning during the brawl, Donda went to the state vehicle and came back with a firearm. He shot at Sithole and first shot missed him but unfortunately the second shot fatally wounded him.

FILE PHOTO: Mxolisi Donda was sentenced to 15 years direct imprisonment for the murder of Sithole in 2018. PICTURE: Facebook

In a statement issued by the police watchdog on Wednesday afternoon, it said, “Justice has been served for the family of the late Sifiso Hector Sithole at the Pongolo Magistrate Court this afternoon as the former police officer, Mxolisi Donda, has been sentenced to 15 years direct imprisonment.”

Donda was sentenced on Wednesday after being found guilty of murder of Sithole.

“IPID is pleased with the harsh punishment meted on the police officer for shooting and killing a civilian, the Directorate further hopes that this harsh sentence sends a strong message that officers of the law are not above the law and they have an obligation to conduct themselves within the principles of the Constitution,” IPIP added.

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