Aug 8, 2022

Radical Economic Transformation It’s An ANC Policy – ANC’s Top Leader

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The ANC president took a hard line during his closing address following the chaotic national executive committee meeting.

FILE PHOTO: ANC secretary-general, Mr Ace Magashule speaking during the celebration of the late struggle icon, Ms Charlotte Maxeke. PICTURE: MyANC/Facebook

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JOHANNESBURG: South Africa’s ruling party, the ANC continues to tussle over the party’s resolution policy, the radical economic transformation.

The debate over the African National Congress’ radical economic transformation policy appeared to have deepened tensions within the party further.

ANC’s secretary-general Mr Ace Magashule has defended the party‘s radical economic transformation policy, saying that it must be pushed at all costs and that it remained their policy.

Mr Magashule spoke during activities of struggle icon, Ms Charlotte Maxeke in Soweto on Wednesday as the party continues to crisscross the country with a hive of activities. Yesterday marked 150 years since her birth.

Mr Magashule spoke just after the ANC president Mr Cyril Ramaphosa warned those misusing the radical economic transformation and aligning it to a certain faction. The ANC president took a hard line during his closing address following the chaotic national executive committee meeting.

He said that no party member should associate themselves or be involved with this RET grouping.

The group, modeled around one of the ANC’s policy positions, has been described by some in the party as “a parasite” and a risk that could one day contest the party for power.

It’s understood that one of its prominent faces, who has denied being a part of it, Mr Carl Niehaus, featured prominently during the national executive committee meeting’s discussions. The ANC’s NEC seems to have finally taken a tough stance on the so-called RET forces, with Ramaphosa adopting a “take no prisoners” approach.

The grouping is accused of attempting to subvert the ANC and of creating diversions. Mr Ramaphosa said that this faction, often seen and heard singing the praises of both former ANC president Mr Jacob Zuma and Mr Magashule, would not be tolerated.

“The meeting agreed that no ANC member should associate themselves are be involved in the so-called RET forces,” Mr Ramaphosa said at the time.

Meanwhile, Mr Magashule has strongly defended the policy, saying that it was adopted at a party conference.

“It is the policy adopted at Nasrec and it is the policy enunciated in the Freedom Charter where it says the wealth of the country must be shared amongst those work in it,” he said.

“Radical economic transformation is not a group of people, it is a policy adopted at Nasrec,” Mr Magashule added.

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