Sep 25, 2022

South African Lawmakers Blasts ‘Incompetent’ And ‘Unreliable’ Leader

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Mr Malema delivering his response called Mr Ramaphosa an incompetent, incapacitated, and unreliable human being.

FILE PHOTO: A joint sitting of Parliament during the State of the Nation Address. PICTURE: GCIS

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CAPE TOWN: President’s address last week did not address the bread and butter issues.

South African opposition political parties have exposed the country’s leader nation address statement as they continue to debate in the National Assembly.

The country leader, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his yearly address on Thursday, 11th of February 2021, outlining plans for his government amid the global pandemic.

Lawmakers have also made an assessment that Mr Ramaphosa may not be fit to lead the country and his party, the African National Congress.

The debate took place under the dark cloud cast by the COVID-19 pandemic and the deaths of more than 48,000 people so far.

Newly elected leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mr John Steenhuisen, who had earlier called an order against Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Mr Ronald Lamola after he reminded him of his qualification, told Mr Ramaphosa that internal battles within the ruling party where there were plans to undermine him and to try and topple him.

Mr Steenhuisen, who possesses only a matric certificate and has no post-high-school qualification, and earning an R1.65 million annually, again questioned whether Mr Ramaphosa could put South Africa ahead of his party.

“You cannot tell people to rise when the factions of your own party have immobilised the state to such a degree that absolutely nothing gets done, and the looters stay in their positions in government,” Mr Steenhuisen said.

He said that Mr Ramaphosa’s silence on the former party leader, Mr Jacob Zuma defiance against the so-called ‘state capture’ and the top court order delivered late last month, ordering Mr Zuma to appear before the panel headed by one of the country’s top judge, Mr Raymond Zondo spoke volumes.

“None of that sounds like somebody who is putting the country first. The time has now come to put courage first, and to show that courage by making it clear that it is South Africa first,” he added.

Meanwhile, the leader of the far-right party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, Mr Julius Malema, delivering his response called Mr Ramaphosa an incompetent, incapacitated, and unreliable human being.

Mr Malema issued a stern warning against Mr Ramaphosa indicating that if he didn’t follow through on the expropriation of land without compensation, he wouldn’t finish his first term as president.

“There is honestly nothing to celebrate under your leadership. The reality is that the conditions of our people are getting worse; and while corona has worsened them, it is still not to blame for your general incompetence,” the populist leader said.

Mr Mzwanele Nyhontso, the leader of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania believes that the President’s address last week did not address the bread and butter issues.

“It continues to fail the dispossessed, most exploited, the dehumanized, the African indigenous majority. The SONA failed dismally to address the fundamental interest of the African majority,” he said.

“Land remains one item of conflict in Azania and it must be repossessed and restored to its rightful owners,” Mr Myhontso added.

National Freedom Party lawmaker, (MP) Mr Shaik Emam gave reasons why he believes that Ramaphosa will never win the fight against corruption.

“Let me say to you Mr. President, why you cannot deal with corruption in SA. Corruption is deep-rooted. You cannot say to a member of your party, ‘do not steal for yourself but steal for the party.’  All political parties wherever they govern rely on tenders,” Mr Emam said.

The leader is expected to respond on Thursday afternoon.

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