Aug 17, 2022

The rise of Tshimangadzo Murovhi against the odds

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Tshimangadzo Murovhi had to pick herself up after losing both parents at a young age.

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Losing both parents at a young age is devastating and if one does not cope well and without a proper support system it can have lifelong impacts.
For, Tshimangadzo Murovhi, both her maternal and paternal relatives stepped in to bring her up and help her achieve her dream of being a broadcaster.

“Besides not having parents my maternal and paternal family were there for me, my uncle Mr Jonas Murovhi stepped in and became my father and took care of me and my young sister Murovhi Sedzani Tendani. This gave me the opportunity to focus on my studies and not worry much about looking after my little sister. I feel blessed for their support because they managed to fill the void left by my parents. My uncle was even there for me on my graduation day and I appreciate him and his family,” she reminisces.

From an early age, Tshimangadzo, who is now a celebrated news anchor at Phalaphala FM, knew she was destined to be a broadcaster and she is glad her primary school teachers also realised the latent talent and encouraged her to explore it.

Tshimangadzo Murovhi. Pic Supplied

“I fell in love with radio at a very young age and I believe I have made the right career choice. I was so passionate about doing oral presentations at both primary and secondary schools and one of my teachers encouraged me to pursue a career in the media.”

In 2010, she completed her degree in Media Studies at the University of Limpopo and a year later she joined Makhado FM, a community radio station, as a newsreader.

She left two years later to join Univen FM as a newsreader.

Tshimangadzo was always destined for the big stage and in 2014 she applied for a job at the SABC owned Phalaphala FM and she got the job.

“I couldn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to join SABC radio in 2014 because I wanted to expose my talent to a bigger audience,” she says.

She now hosts the popular current affairs programme, Ndevhetsini, which gives her the opportunity to interact with a lot of people on topical issues.

“Ndevhetsini show focuses on news from around the world. We focus on issues that we believe will benefit the community and we engage our listeners on various issues such as gender-based violence, politics and service delivery. As a news presenter language plays a very crucial role in this industry and it is very important to use the language they will easily understand,” she says.

“What I like is that this programme delivers solutions to some of the problems faced by the community.”

Pic: Twitter

The 31-year-old says the support she has received from the community is invaluable and has helped her career take off.

She advises young people to not give up on their dreams despite whatever setback they encounter.

“As young people, it is very important to have dreams and to work hard to achieve them despite all the challenges that we may encounter on the way. I truly believe that hard work really pays. It is important to know your strengths, talent, and weaknesses before choosing your career path and work on them,” Tshimangadzo says.

Her dream is to host a television talk show to tackle societal issues.

“My dream is to have a television talk show where I will be engaging with some of the successful people in South Africa like Connie Ferguson and Bonang Matheba to tackle some social issues like gender-based violence, politics, love and business,” she summed.

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